I GUSCI DI WENDY: much more than a loyalty program!

Join "I GUSCI DI WENDY" loyalty program, a true community where you can earn points (called shells) and share your passion for skincare! 

How does the loyalty program work?


For every 10€ spent on our site you earn 1 shell.

Upon reaching the minimum number of 10 shells, you can convert them into a 10€ discount voucher.



Every 10€ spent -> 1 shell

10 shells -> 10€ off

Once you reach the minimum threshold of 10 shells, you can choose whether to convert them right away, or to keep accumulating more and convert them later. 

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot redeem more than 10 shells at a time. This means that if, for example, you own 15 shells, you can redeem 10 shells right away, and the remaining 5 only after reaching the minimum threshold of 10 again.

In addition, you can earn extra shells:

    • By registering on our site (Welcome gift of 5 shells);
    • Completing your first order (5 shells):
    • Leaving a review to a product you have tried (1 shell);
    • Commenting on a blog article (1 shell);

How to join the I GUSCI DI WENDY loyalty program?


Participating in the I GUSCI DI WENDY loyalty program is simple and free.

The only thing you will have to do is register on our site, thus creating your personal account.


How to convert your shells into a coupon


Within your restricted area, you can monitor how many shells you are accumulating, in the "My Shells" section.


Once you reach 10 shells, you can decide whether to convert them immediately to a €10 voucher or continue to accumulate more.


This means that you can convert your shells to vouchers ONLY after reaching the minimum number of 10 shells.

To convert the shells into coupons, enter the number of shells you want to redeem in the "Enter shells" section provided: you will see the value of the discount you will be entitled to appear.


How to convert points into coupons - chiò skincare loyalty program

To confirm, click on the "Redeem your shells into a discount to use in the shop" button.

You can track what total discount you are entitled to by clicking on "View your discounts" or on the appropriate section "Discount shells".

Where to track your points balance - chiò skincare loyalty program

Also in your restricted area, in the section "Shells History." you can view the shells you have already converted and the coupons you have already used.


How to use the discount?


During checkout you will see your shell discount balance in the order summary: this represents the total discount voucher to which you are entitled.


how to apply the coupon to the shopping cart - chiò loyalty program

At this stage you can choose to use it in part or for its full value.

How to choose the coupon to apply to the shopping cart - chiò loyalty program

Once you enter the coupon you want to use, click "Apply" - the amount will be automatically deducted from your total.


Points expire after one year of inactivity.


The I GUSCI DI WENDY loyalty program is valid only at www.chioskincare.com.

As a result, for purchases of Chiò Skincare products on other sites or at physical retailers, no shells will be accumulated and coupons cannot be used.

In the purchase where a shell discount is used, no new shells will be accumulated. 

In addition, you cannot use a promotional code and a shell discount at the same time.

Finally, shell discounts obtained from the loyalty program cannot be used during active promotional campaigns on the site.