Chio Skin Care

Natural Beauty

This is where Chiò was born, from the courage and desire not to waste life's opportunities, but even to give them a good nudge.

I embarked on studies in Construction Engineering Architecture at the Faculty of Studies in L'Aquila, and without even realizing it I found myself almost by inertia in a world that did not belong to me.

Letting the situation intoxicate my dreaming soul was out of the question:

we all have a choice.

And that was how I chose, I chose not to want to adjust anymore but to look forward with a big smile 🙂 In the meantime, however, I stopped the anti-conception pill, and my face literally exploded!

After several searches, I stumbled upon a snail slime cream by chance and realized how much of a difference raw materials in cosmetics can make, because slowly my skin issues resolved.

 From that moment a light bulb went on in my head, complete with music and dancing snails: our story begins here.