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Labbra secche e screpolate: una storia che può avere un lieto fine

PERCHÉ LE LABBRA SI SECCANO E SI SCREPOLANO? Proviamo ad elencare alcune delle cause principali: Ma perché accade? Le labbra non sono dotate di ghiandole sudoripare e sebacee; quindi, la loro capacità di mantenere l’idratazione è diversa da altre zone del viso. COME PRENDERSI CURA DELLE LABBRA SECCHE Possiamo prenderci cura delle labbra secche adottando […]

Skin cycling: what it is and how it works

Skin cycling: trend or utility? From pomade for hemorrhoids around the eyes, dandruff shampoo for acne, homemade rice water as a cure-all for all ills, aftershave as a primer, how many of these trends are really useful? Few really, some are simply ridiculous, but Skin Cycling deserves a chance: [...]

Dry skin or dehydrated skin? Differences, causes and remedies

dry and dehydrated skin

How I confuse your mind! But don't worry: by reading this article, I promise you'll be able to distinguish the two matters. Dry skin: what is Dry skin is a type of skin with less sebum: it has an insufficient lipid quota for the balance of the hydrolipid film. Sometimes you are born with it, however, sometimes it can change the [...]

Eye contour: everything you need to know

What is the eye contour The skin around our eyes has 3 major constants: It is very thin, the thinnest on the body, and is therefore very delicate. It is practically devoid of sebaceous glands, so since it does not produce sebum, it has no protection; It is in constant motion: it is full of muscles, which strain the elasticity of the area, and although [...]

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